Got Beauty Girl’s Summer Concert Survival Guide


It’s officially festival and summer concert season! Fill up your fanny pack with these essentials that will keep you glowing and fresh all day (or weekend) long. 

-Sphynx Portable Razor

We have all been there, smooth as butter on day 1, and then straight sand paper on day 2. If you are headed off to a weekend long (or longer) festival, this baby is your secret weapon. Dry shaving sucks, but this makes it suck a little less. You can shave and touch-up on the go to keep your frizzy lizzies at bay, plus its small enough to fit in your fanny pack.

-Rinse Bath and Body Deodorant stick

The natural deodorant struggle stops here. I have personally tried this one, and it’s actually pretty great. I like the lemon scented one, its super fresh smelling and its totally pocket sized which makes it ideal for traveling and on-the-go.

-Unicorn Snot

Who says that staying safe in the sun can’t be cute? This SPF 30 has all over shimmer to it, so you’re trading in your sunburn for sparkles!

-Mustard Pink Marble Notebook

Ok, so I understand not everyone is a writer, but having a journal with you is a great idea for reflecting and remembering neat things you might experience or interpret throughout the weekend while camping, dancing, etc. Write down set times, favorite memories. Its a really great place to check in.

-Supergoop Glow stick Sunscreen

Sunscreen is definitely a recurring theme in this blog, since you’ll be dancing in the sunshine all day long! Protect your skin and keep your glow on with this glow-boosting dry oil stick for face, chest, and shoulders.

-Kitsch Hair accessories

Big barrettes and flashy hair accessories are trending this spring season (even Ariana Grande has been caught rocking Kitsch hair barrettes) and we have tons to choose from! Spin Pins are perfect for crafting the perfect buns.

-Badlands Dry Shampoo

Summer festivals could mean not showering for a couple days while you’re camping, but you’ll be having so much fun you won’t even notice….right? Keep your hair fresh with Badlands dry shampoo, it cleanses and adds that bohemian messy oomf we love!

– Bumble and Bumble Shimmer Strobing Jelly for hair, body and face

If you’re looking for a one and done item for the festival shimmer this season, here’s your new favorite product. This can be used on hair or body to add strobing shimmer. Prismatic Pink, can be worn alone or with it’s Prismatic Gold counterpart for a celestial, swirly style.

-Ban.do Glitter Bomb Tumbler

Stay hydrated AND cute with this super fun glittery tumbler from Ban.do.


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